Die Logopädische Praxis - Susanne Herzele, BSc, MSc (sincerly Meindl)

"The art of communicating properly is like learning to walk.


You fall on your face so many times until you are lovingly taken by the hand."

The ability to express oneself and communicate with others is the basis for the exchange of information.
The word communicare, which comes from Latin, means:

To share, to communicate, to let participate; to make common, to unite.


With this original meaning is meant an action in a social system, in which people interact with each other.


As a speech therapist, the goal of my work is to support and accompany people in developing, expanding or regaining their ability to communicate. Professional competence, empathy and experience combined with extensive therapy material form the basis for individual holistic care.


I would like to welcome you to my practice in Bisamberg,



Your speech therapist Susanne Herzele