Before starting the therapy you need a chief medical prescription, which must be issued by the respective specialist (pediatrician, otolaryngologist, dentist, neurologist,...) and then approved by the health insurance company.


Rate of 60 minutes - € 100 (therapy + preparation and follow-up without patients)

Home visit rate - € 120 (therapy + preparation and follow-up without patients + travel costs)

(The costs of logopedic therapy are based on the recommendations of the logopedic association "logopädieaustria").


Since I work as an elective logopedist of all health insurance companies on a reimbursement basis, the amount is partially reimbursed by the health insurance. Each therapy unit must therefore be paid for in cash. After completion of therapy, your health insurance will refund between 50-70%. Supplementary insurances may reimburse up to 100%.


If you are unable to attend a therapy session, please call me 24 hours before the session at

0677 61302393. In case of cancellation at too short notice, a cancellation fee will be charged.


Missed sessions will not be refunded by the health insurance company.